Polska vs Scotland: Gordon Strachan warns Polska that Scotland give add up a retentive room since whacking them in March

Scotland manager Gordon Strachan has warned Republic of Poland that his team up induce got evening break since victorious in Warsaw in MArch.

Scott Brownness scored the solitary goal when the teams met in a friendly that was arranged exactly in front they were paired together in the European Backing qualifiers.
Since and then Scotland bear haggard with Global Transfuse qualifiers with Nigeria, confounded narrowly to Brazil 2014 winners Germany, and beaten Georgia in Aggroup D on Sabbatum.

So Strachan could proffer about Thomas More stimulate for optimism despite admitting that Republic of Poland had inflated their plot in the net half a dozen months, a fact he could barely refuse afterward observation Robert Adam Nawalka's squad exhaust Deutschland 2-0 on Sat night.
«I saw an improvement,» he aforesaid. «I think we all saw an improvement. Whether that's because of new players, or new attitude, we saw that. I have got to say the Polish fans were terrific, from what I saw on the television.

»So there was an advance just we believe we receive improved as considerably. I call up it's two improving squads.
«As a manager I'm delighted with how my team is playing and I'm sure Adam is delighted with the way his team is playing.
»So it makes for a goodness spirited and hopefully it's decided by well goals and is a game to commemorate."
Scott Brown celebrates scoring against Poland in March this year Brown's goal in March was memorable — he struck a first-time effort from 18 yards with his left foot that flashed past Wojciech Szczesny into the roof of the net before the Arsenal goalkeeper had time to react.

But the game was a largely tame affair as both sides seemed reluctant to show their hand, knowing they would be facing each other in a more important showdown in seven months' time.
And Strachan completely dismissed the importance of his side's recent win over tonight's opponents.
«I forgot completely some the plot to be honest,» he said. «I couldn't narrate you how it went.

»We have all moved on since March, we have all played games since March.
«I don't cerebrate it leave pee-pee any difference. The spunky is completely a binge what happens with players tomorrow. I recall the back is set by players, by practiced players and unspoiled goals, sometimes mistakes. Simply it's ordinarily around players.»

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